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Triple Steel Star Necklace

$ 390.00

Two Openwork Stars Steel Necklace

$ 315.00

Steel Mini Coin Necklace and Beveled Zirconias Pendants

$ 360.00

Cuban Steel Chain 5mm

$ 300.00

Silver-plated Steel Man Chain With Swiss Cross

$ 450.00

Silver Steel Man Chain With Irregular Cross

$ 400.00

Square Oval Link Steel Chain

$ 450.00

Thin Twisted Silver Steel Man Necklace

$ 490.00

Thick Twisted Silver Steel Man Necklace

$ 590.00

Gold Girl Chain Link Steel Necklace

$ 390.00

Collar Acero San Benito Madre Perla

$ 320.00

Collar Plata con Zirconia Corte Corazon Rosa

$ 990.00

Collar Corazón Anatómico Plata con Cadena Chapa de Oro

$ 1,500.00

Collar Plata con Ópalo Sintético Con Zirconias

$ 1,300.00

Collar Plata Con Zirconias Corte Brillante Negra

$ 810.00

Collar Plata Zirconias Corte Corazón Negra Y 2 Zirconias Blancas

$ 1,200.00

Collar Plata Estilo Tennis con Zirconias Central Roja

$ 1,950.00

Mother of Pearl Steel Necklace

$ 500.00

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