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To keep your exclusive GOLDBERRY JOYAS pieces radiant and shiny from the moment you receive them in your home and forever, we recommend that you follow the following recommendations:

  • Store each jewel separately in a cool, dry and airtight place to prevent oxidation.
  • Do not expose your jewelery to corrosive substances such as chlorine, grease, sweat and perfume for long periods of time.
  • Avoid direct exposure of the jewel to sunlight and liquids for long periods of time.
  • Do not wear your jewel when playing sports or doing housework and heavy work.
  • Do not bathe or swim with them.
  • We recommend you clean your GOLDBERRY JOYAS pieces with our special cleaners. To acquire them do click here .

It is common for the normal use of a piece of jewelry to lose shine due to the pH of the skin of certain people, so we recommend you follow the previous recommendations or advise you what to do to restore them.

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