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violeta rodríguez

General Director, Designer & Craftswoman

I am an architect graduated from ITESM Campus Chihuahua, who ended up creating (as I like to call it) portable art, that is, jewelry.

If I ended up being a jeweler it was not because I planned it, just my interest in creating things, my taste for art, sculpture and miniatures led me to have an incomparable passion for jewelery.

Since I was a child I have enjoyed creating things, but it was until I had the opportunity to study sculpture and painting restoration in Florence, Italy that I decided to pursue my passion and the GoldBerry Joyas® brand was born. Upon graduating from my architecture degree, I began to study jewelry design and production in Mexico City and at the same time I was developing the Violeta Rodríguez® brand. GoldBerry Joyas®️ and Violeta Rodriguez ®️ have appeared in national fashion publications such as InStyle Magazine and in an artistic exhibition at the Museo de Arte Popular (MAP) in La Mexico City.

The process of making a jewel from start to finish seems to me the most extraordinary that exists, since the challenge of designing and then determining how to make it is unparalleled, in addition to requiring an analytical method requires a process imaginative mental and is what makes his elaboration so captivating. Being able to share this with you makes it totally unique.

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