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T All of our pieces are made in our artisan workshop in the city of Chihuahua, Chih. using precious metals and premium gems.

Despite the fact that our processes are standardized, Violeta Rodríguez's manual process and the long hours of work dedicated to our pieces make each one of them different and we firmly believe that this makes them completely unique in their type, that gives them their Character V .

Acquiring a piece by Violeta Rodríguez is acquiring a high value jewel not only for its high quality metals and gems, but also for its hours of work, for the extensive creative process to arrive at the finished product and for its beautiful and exquisite designs.



All authentic Violeta Rodríguez jewelry is identified by distinctive seals, which are legal requirements that indicate the purity of the metal and the origin of the jewelry.

Manufacturer's Brand and Origin

A manufacturer's mark is a stamp that indicates the origin of a piece of jewelry. The standard manufacturer's mark on Violeta Rodríguez's jewelry ® is the iconic 3D V that is part of our trademark. Our logo is always present on all jewelry, except for some of our smallest pieces. In addition, all the jewels also include the legend CUU, that is, Chihuahua, Chihuahua, the place where all our pieces are produced.

Quinto v

Quality Marks

A quality mark is the term that indicates the purity and authenticity of the metal. At Violeta Rodríguez, our Mexican silver jewelry carries the degree of purity: 950 (95.0% pure silver). Our gold jewelry has the purity grade: 10k (41.7% pure gold), 14k (58.5% pure gold), 18k (75% pure gold).

cuu mx


Our technique - Lost Wax

Violeta Rodríguez uses lost wax molding - an ancient technique that dates back thousands of years and continues to be widely used in the production of modern jewelry - to create the metal parts of our jewelry. This involves hours and hours of manual labor to create a wax sculpture, which will serve as a model for a rubber mold. This will later be used to reproduce the piece and make more wax models.

From the wax models, trees are formed that aid the casting process. Once finished, the pieces are cut from the tree and reviewed by the QA team to ensure each is the correct shape and appearance.

Then a rough polish is applied to remove and smooth the uneven parts and the metal piece is prepared for our Mexican artisans to work them .

cera perdida

Welding and Direct Metal

Our Mexican artisans are highly specialized technicians, who perform highly detailed manual labor. According to the design, the metal parts are joined using welding, which is the second ancient technique we use at Violeta Rodríguez.


Blued Finish

According to the chosen finish, the craftsman paints the silver to give certain pieces an antique look or add more depth to the design, either on the entire surface or in strategic places to highlight details of the design.


Last steps

Finally, our craftsman assembles the piece as it is going to be sold, removes any impurities and cleans the piece to give it that Character V that characterizes us so much. The end result is uniform, shiny pieces with a beautiful finish.

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